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Engineering Specialists in FRP

FRP pipe is the most widely used pipe for corrosion service, but the design of FRP piping systems requires special engineering. Over the last 40 years Britt has been involved in testing, engineering analysis, fabrication and installation of thousands of FRP piping projects. Through this experience, Britt has accumulated a library of critical design properties that are necessary for FRP pipe design.  Successful analysis and successful piping systems are the result of experience.  

Britt Engineering Associates is located in Birmingham, Alabama where fiberglass reinforced pipe and fiberglass pipe supports were invented. In 1954 Don Boggs developed FRP pipe and in 1976 Frank Britt developed the first supports for FRP pipe. These specially designed supports have been delivered to more than 2000 paper mills, chemical plants and power plants over the past 35 years and have now become the standard for FRP piping and ducts. Britt also developed the method of stress analysis that has been successfully used with these supports and   has recently been adopted by ASME in the B31 code for FRP pipe.

The success of the method of analysis and quality of the supports has earned Britt Engineering Associates the recognition of  preferred source for engineering and supports by major industries. That designation was earned through consistent quality and on time and on budget deliveries. Successful startups without piping issues, zero rejections because of support fit or quality and long trouble free operation are expected when specifying Britt.

Having been involved in piping and tank design for more than 40 years Britt has developed a library of engineering and test data that is specifically applicable to FRP piping and tanks. Experience is vital to a successful process system and Britt supports and engineering provide assurance of success for your next project. Let us assist your engineering staff on your next expansion or new plant.