BEA professional engineers represent more than 200 years of expertise in composite engineering and design with extensive experience in FRP piping and ducts, FRP tanks, structural components and composites in electrical distribution systems. Below you’ll find some images of their excellent work as well as a brief bio of our engineers.

Sam Bayazid
Principal Engineer

Registered Professional Engineer with more than thirty-seven years of hands on experience in design, construction, equipment procurement, regulatory compliance, including 24 years in the design of pressure vessels, reactors, columns, towers, ducts, silos, stacks, and other plate and shell structures for the chemical, pulp and paper, and other industries, including industrial power, environmental, and other sub-areas. Experience in RTP-1, ASME, API, Tema, Building Codes, material selection, failure analysis, and quality assurance procedures. Experience in utilizing the finite element analysis tool for the design of equipment that are beyond code jurisdictions. Experience in the design of different materials such as FRP, carbon and stainless steels, high nickel and chrome alloys, and others.

Frank Britt

35 years’ experience in stress analysis, mechanical and piping system design for process industries, developed method of analysis and design for fiberglass reinforced (FRP) piping systems that eliminated failures due to overstress.  Originated a family of supports for FRP pipe and duct that has become an industry standard.  Instrumental in influencing codes, standards, and manufacturing procedures resulting in improved quality in FRP tanks, hoods, piping, ducting, and other equipment.  Principal engineer performing stress analysis for metallic and non-metallic piping and duct systems in corrosion, high temperature, and high-pressure service. Lead engineer for failure analysis of FRP piping, tanks and high corrosion areas of chemical and bleach plants. Patented a flange seal that provides zero leakage for high pressure systems.

Registered Professional Engineer

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina


James A. Cheek, P.E.
Technical Manager

Responsible for Engineering and Design Departments at Ershigs, Grand Bay, AL and in Bellingham, WA. Primary responsibilities include direction of the company’s engineering effort and oversight for the design of large diameter FRP chimney liners for the power industry, as well as auxiliary piping system for scrubbers, ductwork, spray headers, RTP1 Tanks.  Additional duties include solving field problems in the course of manufacturing these liners at their respective jobsites.

Responsible for Design and Calculations for Code vessel manufacturing and repair; Metal and FRP   Piping, Structural Design for supports and Stress Analysis; Site work and Equipment foundations, tank foundations (design and installation) building structural design and erection, Equipment, & Structural Inspection; other Composite Materials Design.

Mechanical Integrity Program Development for Process Safety Management (OSHA 1910)

Design assistance and Quality Control / Testing for Odebrecht Construction in Ecuador on 30 KM FRP Irrigation pipeline. Reviewed initial design of 24” through 86” diameter FRP pipe produced on site in Ecuador using a leased Drolsthom winder.  Designed and built Pressure test fixture for 24” diameter pipe    for design verification testing under ASTM D 1599.  Worked at jobsite in Ecuador to assist in production changes and testing of a 27 mile irrigation piping system.

Registered Professional Engineer

  • Mississippi
  • Georgia



Terry W. Cowley has over 48 years of experience with DuPont, Dow Chemical, Texaco and the US Air Force with various assignments ranging from a consultant, technical service and development representative for thermoset resins, supervisor of quality assurance labs and analytical chemist.

He has experience in the use of various resins, elastomers and thermoplastics for specific environments, correct fabrication of related equipment and in-service analysis.

He has analytical chemistry experience related to the Chemical Processing Industry using it to help solve process problems.

  • Recognized as an authority for corrosion-resistant FRP equipment for use in the pulp and paper and chemical processing industries.
  • BS and MA in Chemistry, Southwest Texas State University (Now Texas State University, San

Marcos, TX)

  • NACE Coating Inspector, Level 2 – Certification expired.
  • Memberships in NACE (chairman & vice chairman of NACE’s STG-10, Non-Metallic Technology Group, 1998-2001), ASME’s – Section X, RTP-1, NM-2 Pipe group, and NBIC.
  • Eleven years as a technical service and development representative for the DERAKANE Epoxy Vinyl Ester Resin and Dow Epoxy Resin product lines.
  • Fourteen years as a Consultant for thermoset resins and FRP equipment fabrication, as well as, elastomeric linings, thermoplastic liners, coatings/ linings, gaskets and O-rings (1.5 years as dba Composites Consulting and 12.5 years with DuPont).

Areas of Specialization

  • Expertise in recommending thermoset resins, elastomers, coatings/ linings, and thermoplastics for specific environments.
  • Expertise in correct FRP (composites) fabrication procedures and repairs, knowledgeable of appropriate standards.
  • Expertise in repair procedures.
  • Expertise in review/approval of FRP fabrication drawings and fabrication inspections.
  • Expertise for in-service inspections, shutdown assistance, repairs and recommendations for continued service life of FRP equipment.
  • Expertise in failure analyses; root cause failure analysis of FRP equipment.

Brad Gryder
Professional Engineer

31 years’ experience as a Professional Engineer performing stress analysis, machine design, structural design, and calculations for pressure vessels, tanks, gasifiers, and heavy machines.  Developed and sold the computer program “LAMATE” which calculates the structural properties of multi-ply composite laminates.  Performed stress analysis on several large bore FRP piping systems installed for the wet flue gas desulfurization process at coal-fired power plants.  Analyzed thick-walled fiberglass piping used for high pressure water injection by oil companies.  As a Principal Engineer, he guided engineers and designers on the proper layout and support/restraint of both metallic and non-metallic piping, and coached engineers on proper application of both computerized (FEA) and hand-calc (charts & Excel) methods of stress qualification.

Registered Professional Engineer

  • North Carolina


Robert N. (Bo) Lawler, Jr.
Senior Piping Designer

Forty years piping/mechanical design and construction management experience. Areas of experience include the pulp and paper, chemical, natural gas, wood products, power generation, cement, plastics and stone quarry industries.

Experience includes design supervision, total installed cost capital budget estimating, process diagram development, equipment and piping specifications, piping and pipe support design, pump calculations, material take-off and procurement, construction field supervision and process trouble shooting.

  • Boise Cascade – Jackson, Alabama
  • Bowater Newsprint – Coosa Pines, Alabama
  • Canadian Forest Products – Prince George, British Columbia
  • Garden State Paper Co. – Garfield, New Jersey
  • Georgia-Pacific Corporation – Woodland, Maine, Cedar Town, Georgia,      Brewton, Alabama,   Palatka, Florida
  • International Paper Co. – Courtland, Alabama,   Mobile, Alabama ,  Rome, Georgia, Interstate Paper – Riceboro, Georgia
  • Mead Corporation – Rumford, Maine
  • K&W Plastics, Inc. – Troy, Alabama
  • WestRock Container and Board Company – Stevenson, Alabama, Mahrt, Alabama, Demopolis, Alabama


Edward C. Mullinax, Jr.
Principal Electrical Engineer

Over 33 years with the Southern Company as a Lead Principal Engineer responsible for designing and construction management of various distribution materials and projects. In charge of testing and procurement of materials for the Southern Company.

Designed both overhead and underground transmission and distribution facilities.

Mr. Mullinax is a senior engineer with over 45 years of experience in overhead and underground transmission and overhead and underground distribution. He is responsible for the design of economical, safe, and reliable Transmission and Distribution facilities. Approved materials required to design and construct both overhead and underground Transmission Lines, 69kV thru 500kV. Overhead Structures involved could be of wood, concrete, steel, or fiberglass.

Professional Affiliations

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
  • NESC ANSI C2 SC-6 (until it was disbanded)
  • Southeastern Electric Exchange (SEE) NESC Committee (16 years)
  • EEI NESC/EURC Task Force
  • ANSI C55 Capacitor Committee


William (Bill) E. Wells
Design and Fabrication Expert

Owner and manager of Rubber and Plastic Applicators (RPA, Inc.)

More than35 years of experience in Composite Fabrication & Polymer Lining; responsible for design and production of FRP pipe, fittings, tanks, scrubbers, and rubber lined steel equipment for the chemical, power, and paper industries.  Prepared specifications, engineering software, and inspection procedures for the composite industry. Also prepared procedure manuals and quality assurance programs for both FRP composite fabrication and rubber lining applications.

Conducted field inspections and failure analysis on FRP piping, tanks, ductwork and rubber lined steel equipment. Organized and conducted field operations for performing tank, piping and ductwork installation, field modification and repair. Work included inspection, restoration and re-lining of FRP and rubber linings. Clients include: Alabama River Pulp, Boise Cascade, Kimberly Clark, Georgia Pacific, International Paper, Willamette, Olin Chemicals, Arch Chemicals, Occidental Chemicals, Degussa, Ciba, BASF, Southern Company, Power South, Progress Energy.